Using The IPhone. A Love Story.

So this food blog is created and maintained through a IPhone. The pictures are taken with the IPhone camera, the notes are typed from the IPhone as well. This is a project for a screen studies course and will eventually.. soon.. become a IPhone application. In time you will be able to take the blog with you and visit some of the places from the blog! Thanks for checking it out and let me know if you would like me to visit one of your favorite places and I will add it to the blog!

- Cheers!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Berger @ Hillstone

I have been going to Hillstone for a very long time now and it definitely deserves a place in this blog. I decided to go back and take the picture of one of my favorite hamburgers in NYC. Hillstone is a great place because everything they make is delicious. You can get anything from amazing steak and fish to sushi and big tasty salads. I always either get the berger, ribs, the club salad, or a soup and sushi. Everything is amazing.

The Hillstone hamburger is amazing because it is loaded with tons of amazing ingredients. They put a little BBQ sauce and ranch dressing on the berger so its just like a meal in itself. There are two location in NYC, one is on 26th and Park Ave. The other one is on 54th and 3rd Ave. They are both awesome.

I suggest asking for the sundae if you have room, it's to die for.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Duck Dumplings in Beautiful Broth @ Momofuku - Ssam Bar

Momofuku Ssam Bar never ceases to amaze me. I decided to go back after having a incredible taste of their  pork bao buns with hoisin sauce. Today was different. today, the menu consisted largely of duck, and when duck is served I am always happy to eat it. Even if you don't like duck at all you will like this. It had a nice marrow broth probably made from the duck bones and a few other nontraditional additions. There was jicama in it which gave the dish a nice sour crisp flavor to it. Bok Choi was added for a nice earthy marriage between the duck and the land as well as a little spiciness.

The main reason why I went nuts over this gorgeous bowl of soup was the perfectly formed dumplings. The dumplings were perfectly cooked and inside them was expertly packed duck meat. The meat was extremely soft and tasted very savory with a little hint of garlic.

Ssam Bar also serves Mexican Coke so it just made this lunch one I wouldn't so easily forget.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lentil Soup @ Eataly - Veggie

Eating at Eataly is always a pleasure. The food is all imported from Italy and everything is always super fresh. I just wanted to point out that Eataly is NOT Mario Bataly's creation. Mario merely told the owners of the international chain to open in NYC because it didnt have anything like it. The growing trend of food halls in NYC is widely accepted. I believe Eataly does the best job and really specializes in Italian Cuisine.

Inside Eataly there are 5 restaurants. Each one has their own specialized food type. You could theoretically see a food pyramid inside Eataly because they cover all types of foods. I wanted to try the Vegetable restaurant because I would usually shy away from an all veggie place.The lentil soup is excellent, it was a special but nonetheless a very hearty and warming dish. I recommend going to Eataly during the week for lunch or an early dinner, it does get very crowded! 

Carnitas Tacos @ Dos Toros

I have been going to Dos Toros for quite a while now and it always never tastes bad. The Seattle chain has set up in NYC with huge success, they recently opened on the UES on 77th street and Lexington ave. Everything on the menu is short and sweet, but everything is very fresh yet very simple. They do have killer Guacamole, so if you like avocado goodness on your burrito you can indulge in it here.

The chain is set up like a Chipolte, but in Dos Toros, Chipolte is a dirty word. All the meat and ingredients are local so you get the freshest tasting produce and meat. Definately try it, you might want to replace your Chipolte lunches with Dos Toros buritos!    

Monday, December 5, 2011

Okonomiyaki @ Otafuku

These cold days are only getting colder but waiting in for this small 9th street hole in the wall to make you a Japanese pancake is completely worth it. I love hearing about cool dishes from Asia and I became obsessed with finding the best Okonomiyaki in NYC. The internet told me to go to Otafuku because its pretty much all they do. 

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake or "pizza" that is made with cabbage and egg. They top it with two amazing and savory sauces and dump bonito flakes on top. I think they overkilled my bonito flake dosage so just watch that they dont dump half the bag onto your meal. Unless you want to troll everyone in your office with fish smell. 

Go here drunk if possible. :D

Fantastic Veal Schnitzel @ Radegast Biergarten

I don't go out to Brooklyn very often but when I do, I always have a great time. I love German food as you can tell and finding great Shnitzel in NYC can be tough! Radegast is a great place, I loved the atmosphere and the way it was lit. The food was amazing and I was stuffed. There is nothing better than a tall glass of German brew and a hot plate of expertly fried meat. I sat at the bar and the service was impeccable, i recommend going at night, they have live music and dancing if you are not too full. :)  

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jack's Surprise Lunch @ Yuba (2 or 3) I've lost track.

I went in to see Jack and didn't expect to stay for lunch. Ends up you can't say no to Jack so I stayed for lunch after all. Uni Risotto and Salmon wrapped in seaweed flash fried and served in a pool of Yuzu Miso.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dim Sum @ Golden Unicorn

I have been looking for an amazing Chinese place for the longest time, I think I have finally found it. Every time I meet Chinese people I ask them: "What is your favorite place in the city for Chinese food?" The general consensus so far has been "Golden Unicorn" Most only know it by the Chinese name and have trouble translating it into english because it is a mythical animal. Quite hilarious. So I took my friend James with me and we met up at East Broadway and Bowery around 12:30 for lunch.

The entrance to Golden Unicorn is in a purple building with an elevator inside that takes you to the 2nd or 3rd floors. This is where the restaurant is. They seat you immediately and before i could take off my coat and backpack there is already fresh Dim Sum on the table. They throw the food at you and it is all very cheap. On $43.00 we ate like kings, everything was delirious. They serve a Dim Sum only lunch from 12:00-3:00 is i must say it is a must do! GO.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Boiled Beef Stuffed with Bacon in Brown Cucumber Sauce @ Hospoda


Hospoda is a wonderful restaurant where you can dine on Prague style dishes as well as traditional Eastern European cuisine. The restaurant is next to the National Bohemian Hall and is really a hidden gem on the UES. They do an impeccable job of pouring beer as well. They have one beer on tap: Pilsner Urquel. The master barman pours the single beer four different ways, each time the beer has a different taste. It is quite a treat. I have always loved German and Western Polish cuisine and this place does a great job. They have a very good deal for lunch that includes soup and dessert.

As far as the food goes, there is no complaints. The dishes that the kitchen produces are well designed and classically tasty. All of the dishes go well with the Pilsner Urquel beer. You will see many dishes made with brown sauces like this one. Many of the traditional dishes are of beef. I have had the pleasure of having rainbow trout and it was quite fantastic. The food in general is very clean. You will very rarely find unorthodox ingredients in this type of food. It is simple and always tasty.

Kaiseki Sushi Lunch @ Yuba


Yuba is a very special place, for very special taste in sushi. I started going here after learning that a few chefs that worked for Masa in the Time Warner building went out and started their own Japanese restaurant. The chef and owner Jack, always treats me very well. I sit at the sushi bar and he feeds me sushi until I am full. It is the greatest thing ever. Jack is an excellent sushi chef. I worked for Masa for over 10 years. His fish is also amazing. Since Kai closed I have been looking for a Japanese place with a talented chef. I finally found it. 

Jack hooked me up with a variety of sushi, many of which are not shown. Out of these photos you can get a general idea of how well this man makes sushi. Its prefect in size and extremely fresh. This is what I respect Jack for, his ability to always outshine himself every time I go. The tuna shown above was cut directly off a freshly delivered chunk. It was delicious. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Corn Soup with Crab & Crab Cake Eggs Benedict @ Atlantic Grill (Part 2)

Atlantic Grill is like a mainstead for my neighboorhood on the UES. Its not always very good but when its good, it is very very good. I went for brunch of soup and Eggs Benedict. The soup at this place is expertly put together. Whoever makes the soups for this restaurant knows whats up because it is always delicious. The corn soup is made with a touch of cream and a little bit of butter. You always need those two guys in one pot. The Eggs Benedict was quite good. The crab cakes are very good at Atlantic Grill and are even better with hollendise and poached eggs. 


Japanese BBQ @ Gyu-Kaku

I never really had "Japanese BBQ" before, now i am hooked! This place was fantastic. I was skeptical going into the place at first. I had always walked past Gyu-Kaku and saw that it was always very busy at night. Any place that is busy at night must be amazing for food. The way the restaurant is set up is interesting. you pretty much grill your own food in front of you at your table. Each table to fitted with a grill and you are given raw meats to cook up on the grill. It is perfect for people who would like to grill their steak to perfection the way they want. The steaks are brought out on plates and are usually marinated prior to service. Everything is absolutely delicious. They do a 50% off all lunch deal which is really amazing. $3.00 draft beer!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Osaka Pressed Sushi @ Blue Ribbon Sushi

 It is very hard to find Osaka Pressed Sushi in NYC. Whenever I find it on a menu i always get it. Osaka Pressed Sushi is made into a box shape and usually has several layers. It is delicious and always simple. I had never been to Blue Ribbon Sushi before and I didn't know what to expect. Trying new sushi places is like the bane of my food eating existence. You never know what you are going to get and it helps to order hot Sake just in case. Just in case.. 

Anyway. I had been to Blue Ribbon the normal restaurant that is just down the block several times and always enjoyed the seafood. Blue Ribbon's two owners do a great job. They are consistently looking for the best products and suppliers in the world. I respect that. 

Overall my experience at Blue Ribbon Sushi was fine. I can't complain. Everything was fresh and I was a happy customer. It is however very expensive so get ready to empty your pockets! 

Beof Tongue @ Hospoda

I never ate Tongue before and if i was going to ever try it, I would try it at Hospoda. The beef is smoked in house and topped with a very light but sweet sauce. It looks so good it could almost be a dessert! This dish accompanied with a nice Cream Urquel hits the spot anytime of year. I haven't seen this item on the menu since so i guess NYC doesn't like Beef tongue very much... It's a shame because it is very tasty.

Croque Madame @ Pastis

I have never had a bad experience at Pastis. The French staple of the meatpacking district always does a good job. Its hard to screw up French food when you have so many customers. I had to wait for brunch to start in order to order this food. It was kind of a pain in the ass, all the same it was worth the wait. I came at 11:30 after class and ordered by 12:00. Not to bad... My waiter was a character and made the meal much better. I ordered creamy tomato soup and this croque madame. I don't like the croque monsieur as much because you don't get an egg! The women always get the better deals. 

It was so tasty I almost forgot to take a picture. I was also extremely hungry.  

Bip and Bap @ Bak

I love Bak, I can't stress it enough. It is a really great place. It is a Korean place that does a very cool service of craft beer and Korean food, it just works. The owner is a cool dude, always nice to talk to and is an expert at choosing a beer for me to have every time I go. He came up with the wild idea of serving great beer with Asian soul food. It is fantastic! The bip and bap at Bak is always a go-to dish. It fills you up and is hearty and delicious.

Bao Buns - Two Belly One Fried Chicken @ Bao Haus

I always live to eat Chinese food. I saw the owner of this place on14th and 3rd ave doing a video tour of his favorite Chinatown spots. So, I decided to see if he knew what he was talking about and he does. This place was very cheap, it's like $2.50 for one bao bun. You could sit and eat 5 of them but I got full off of 3 and a soda. It's a really great place if you like baos or Chinese buns in general.  

Pictured here is two pork belly baos and a fried chicken bao. The fried chicken is my favorite, it has a lemon aoli that drives the taste of this bao to the max. I suggest going and trying them all. It's so cheap who cares right?

Cantonese Wonton Soup and Steamed Pork Bun @ Sammy's Noodle

The Sushi @ Atlantic Grill

Fried Chicken - Buttermilk @ Hill Country Fried Chicken

Bill's Burger with Secret Sauce @ Bill's Burger and Bar

The Burrito @ Benny's

Rellenitos De Platanos (Stuffed Plantain Balls) @ Cascabel Cantina

French Macaroons @ Laduree

Eating Pasta @ Eataly