Using The IPhone. A Love Story.

So this food blog is created and maintained through a IPhone. The pictures are taken with the IPhone camera, the notes are typed from the IPhone as well. This is a project for a screen studies course and will eventually.. soon.. become a IPhone application. In time you will be able to take the blog with you and visit some of the places from the blog! Thanks for checking it out and let me know if you would like me to visit one of your favorite places and I will add it to the blog!

- Cheers!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Fantastic Veal Schnitzel @ Radegast Biergarten

I don't go out to Brooklyn very often but when I do, I always have a great time. I love German food as you can tell and finding great Shnitzel in NYC can be tough! Radegast is a great place, I loved the atmosphere and the way it was lit. The food was amazing and I was stuffed. There is nothing better than a tall glass of German brew and a hot plate of expertly fried meat. I sat at the bar and the service was impeccable, i recommend going at night, they have live music and dancing if you are not too full. :)  

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