Using The IPhone. A Love Story.

So this food blog is created and maintained through a IPhone. The pictures are taken with the IPhone camera, the notes are typed from the IPhone as well. This is a project for a screen studies course and will eventually.. soon.. become a IPhone application. In time you will be able to take the blog with you and visit some of the places from the blog! Thanks for checking it out and let me know if you would like me to visit one of your favorite places and I will add it to the blog!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Boiled Beef Stuffed with Bacon in Brown Cucumber Sauce @ Hospoda


Hospoda is a wonderful restaurant where you can dine on Prague style dishes as well as traditional Eastern European cuisine. The restaurant is next to the National Bohemian Hall and is really a hidden gem on the UES. They do an impeccable job of pouring beer as well. They have one beer on tap: Pilsner Urquel. The master barman pours the single beer four different ways, each time the beer has a different taste. It is quite a treat. I have always loved German and Western Polish cuisine and this place does a great job. They have a very good deal for lunch that includes soup and dessert.

As far as the food goes, there is no complaints. The dishes that the kitchen produces are well designed and classically tasty. All of the dishes go well with the Pilsner Urquel beer. You will see many dishes made with brown sauces like this one. Many of the traditional dishes are of beef. I have had the pleasure of having rainbow trout and it was quite fantastic. The food in general is very clean. You will very rarely find unorthodox ingredients in this type of food. It is simple and always tasty.

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